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OVER 39,000 SERVED-We have provided our FUN at over 500 parties along the Wasatch Front  for groups of 10-1900 since 2009. Over 90% of our clients re-book with us year after year. We know
how to make your party successful and fun.
Experience counts in this business! Putting on live band events and operating a large casino party are totally different! Don't use a rookie company that runs out of
chips to pay your guests, deals blackjack at a hold'em table, provides not one minute of training to their dealers that they pay in cash money, and thinks  it's OK to run electrical wires everywhere in your casino.
Our experience in doing just casino parties assures you of a successful and FUN casino night for your guests.

OUR EXCLUSIVE CASINO PARTY GAMING SYSTEM-We have set up a game at our casino parties unlike the rest. While the others try to copy the real casinos using real casino complicated rules, odds,
and payouts, we have created a casino that is just the opposite. Our rules and odds are simplified and the payouts are better than real casinos.
This puts the advantage in the players favor, and not the casino .We
don't really want to teach you how to gamble like the other
s. Instead, we provide your guests with the most fun gaming experience on the planet! HOW DO WE DO THAT? Our system in essence, puts the
edge in the favor of the players...and not the house. And with this system,
it makes your casino party fair and consistent among all the tables, while giving the players the edges....and they usually win!

IT'S A PARTY-Our competitors seem to have lost sight of this important fact. Anyone can put down some tables and throw a dealer behind it without even being trained. They can even dress them in a
penguin suit. That does make them
experienced or fun. Our dealing staff goes through an intensive 5 hour training session before we will even let them step foot behind a table. Some of our competitors provide
no training at all for their staff. They simply cannot provide the level of entertainment that our experienced dealers can.
Most of our dealers have dealt 50-100 parties now, and they now how to bring the table
alive at each and every party. Our dealers are professionally attired, but comfortable at our parties. While our competitors focus on copying real casinos and trying to look good, we focus on providing
your group more FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT!!! Ask for references. We have dozens that will tell you about the professionalism and fun nature of our company.

CASINO QUALITY TABLES-Utah made using premium thick 3/4" hardwood substrates for a sturdy rigid table, with colorful digitized print felt designs laid over volara closed cell padding. Our premium rails
are faux vinyl padding laid over thick dense padding for a full length rail design.
We don't provide "standing" height designed for midget height players (because players never stand at our blackjack tables),
but instead
we provide "stool height" tables with stools so that your guests can comfortably enjoy the game like a real casino.

LARGEST VARIETY AVAILABLE IN UTAH-We offer Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Texas hold'em tables as well as our specialty games that include Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, Blackjack Switch,
Ultimate Bonus hold'em, Baccarat, and the Prize Wheel game.
We maintain an inventory of 60+ tables so that we can provide multiple parties and large group parties as well. Complete sound systems (at no
charge), wireless microphone, top finisher medals, raffle ticket recepticles, and top three finisher medals, stools for blackjack tables,
are all value added services we don't charge for but include in every party.

IT'S NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL WORLD- We offer 4 different craps table sizes (6',8',10' and 12' long models) to accommodate your particular group size and venue properly. We also offer portable,
standard, and super-sized models in our blackjack, roulette, and hold'em tables. By offering you multiple sizes in our most popular games, we can provide the most cost effective tables for your particular party.

UTAH'S MOST EXPERIENCED CASINO PARTY DEALING STAFF-Go with the "AF" (always fun) team. Our current dealing staff has dealt almost 11,000 hours at our parties. We maintain a staff of over
70 dealers. They not only know how to be fun and interactive all night long, but are also skilled at teaching the beginners the games, but also keeping up with the action of the more experienced players. Over 25 of
our dealers are on the 100+ party dealt list, and quite often they say to me " I can't believe you are paying me to do this". I just reply..."Best job ever! You are paid to play!", and play they do

for prices,
and complete
quote for
your next
Empire Casino Events blackjack table with dangling
electrical wiring, and tape running along the floor
everywhere throughout your casino.

Taped down extension cords and danglng lights is a
recipe for disaster
at your party with 100's of guests
walking around  and typically not looking down at their
We don't do lights on our tables anymore just
for this reason.

Do the dealers have to sit and work in the middle of
that electrical mess? It appears so!
table is built 40% larger and
provides players with 20+" of
player space,
as well as
comfortable stool height tables with
stools provided at no charge.

Although this table can comfortably
accommodate 7-9 players,  the
record is 14 players dealt to at this
extra large blackjack table.
Our competitor's "TOY" SIZED
TABLES provide each player
with about 13.5" of width for
each play to play at.
Most of us
are not that thin nowadays!

Empire Casino Events table
(right), and Casino Parties of
Utah (left). Try to squeeze 7
players around these tables!
BOOK IN MAY AND SAVE-It's home party season. Book your summer home party with us, and we will include
personalized party sign and personalized gaming money for your party at no extra charge.
Call 801-859-1171 for details.
~Testimonials from our last few parties~We simply ask our customers "How was your Wasatch Casino Party?"
 These are the replies we got!

~The party went GREAT!!! Your staff was awesome. Thanks soooo much!!! Kathleen/Lutheran Church of Christ.
~Hi Randy! The party was a huge hit! Everyone had the best time. Gilbert and (sorry don't know the other fellows name) were great and very
professional and fun. Raffle prizes were a awesome and they even helped teach those that didn't know how to play. We had no children except my eight
year old twins, and I thought it was so sweet how they made my daughter feel like she won something and made her feel like she was one of the players.
We will use you again in the future and recommend you to our friends. Thanks for everything! Jessica.
~Hey Randy. The party was fantastic! You have an amazing staff. I personally played at Gilbert’s table and he is just awesome. We all had a great
time and will definitely be using you guys again in the future.
Also, it was great to have a Spanish speaking dealer. Angela/Zero Cases Mfg.
~We at Phi Delta Theta would like to thank you and the staff for hosting our Dad's Weekend Casino Night. It was a great event and I know
everyone had a great time. We will definitely want to use your services in the future. Thanks again.....CJ/Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
~Hi Randy, It was awesome!!! Awesome!!! Our folks really enjoyed the experience. They were still talking about it Sunday as they checked
out of the hotel.
Your dealers were great. Christine was so nice to work with and people at her table really enjoyed here. Bob was so popular with
blackjack players that no one would leave his table and if they did, someone was standing behind them ready to take their spot. They couldn't even
leave for a minute to go to the bar for a drink. The craps table was 20 deep and the two dealers were great to help the people Everyone there was
whooping and hollering and of course there were cheers all around. The treasure chests were a nice touch--thanks for doing thouat.
It was all great and
for sure I'll contact you again. You were great to work with and casino night was the perfect kickoff to the weekend event.
The folks from other states were singing our praises. Deb/OES Chapter Utah.
It's not about the number of tables. It's about the number that can play at each table.

Bigger is better and more players can play at each and every table at our parties. It takes 11-12 of their
tables to equal the playing area of 8-9 of our tables (100 guest party). Less tables with more
eans less cost to you, and more available spaces for your guests to participate.

Ask about our lowest priced casino party...guaranteed!

Casino Parties of
skirting,or stools
, as players are
required to stand at
these tables for
hours and hours.
The frame of the
table is used as a
coat rack as well.