It's all about the fun!

"Your dealers were great. Next year we will double the amount of tables. Our Open House was better attended than we anticipated, and the casino party was much more popular than we thought."

"Thank You for another successful party. Also, thank Gilbert for being such a good dealer and making if fun for everyone at his table. Even though I gave him a hard time, he was really good to us and really made the evening!"

"We used a Colorado casino party company for three years running at our annual fundraiser, but you guys are heads apart from them, and made our fundraiser casino night more fun and profitable than ever. It was a great time and you and your team are fabulous."

"It was a hit! I am already thinking of the next one with close friends. Thanks for a great evening."

“Randy and the crew are wonderful to be with. They helped me enjoy and be a part of the group, even though I had forgotten how to play the games.”

This is what our last 5 clients said about their Wasatch Casino Party.

Simply, we provide your best casino entertainment experience. We guarantee it, or your money back!  Our dealers are more fun, our
larger gaming tables are premium casino quality and include both chairs and stools, and our proven experience and system insures you
of the most professional, entertaining, and FUN casino party for your group.

Everything from invitations to grand casino entrances and everything in between, we guarantee you the most fun, professional, and
lowest cost casino party experience. Don't be fooled by companies that use "toy" tables and CD players as their sound system, or by
companies that rent you casino tables with out chairs or stools. We provide value, and EVERYTHING you need for a fun party.

We do 100's of parties a year. Our experienced dealing staff has over 3000 hours of experience entertaining at our fun parties.
We also provide additional non-casino style event games at our larger parties that add to the fun.

Wasatch Casino Parties
The FUN Casino Party Company
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Wasatch Casino Parties
          The FUN Casino Party Company!

We have provided over 5000 casino tables at our parties since 2009 all along the Wasatch Front. Our premium casino quality tables, fun and interactive dealers, along with our "exclusive" gaming system that
offers the best odds and payouts for your guests at our parties. There is a reason why we have already rented over 300 tables for the 2016 holiday party season as of April 1st. We provide professional and fun casino

10 varieties of gaming tables available-We offer Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Texas hold'em tables as well as our specialty games that include Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, Blackjack Switch, Ultimate Bonus
hold'em, Baccarat, and the Prize Wheel game. We currently maintain an inventory of 8 craps tables, 30 blackjack tables, 8 hold'em tables, 6 roulette tables, and 7 specialty game tables.

It's not a one size fits all world!-Most of our competitors offer one size craps table, and it is usually much smaller than even our 8' home size table. We offer 4 different craps table sizes (6'-12' long) to accommodate
your particular group size and venue properly. We also offer both standard and super-sized models in our blackjack, roulette, and hold'em tables. By offering you multiple sizes in our most popular games, we can
provide the most cost effective tables for your particular party.

Larger tables means for "spots" (or playing area) for your guests to participate at. It's really more about how many players you can fit comfortably around your tables, and not just the number of tables. Typically
our 8 table casino party for a group of 100 provides up to 82 gaming spots. Our competitors casinos would need to provide 10-11 tables to match this number of spots provided at our tables. Bigger is better! Don't rent
tables that 5 guests can barely stand at. Instead, rent our super-sized tables that 8 players can sit at comfortably on the player stools that we exclusively provide at our blackjack tables.

Entertaining and experienced dealing staff-Our current dealing staff has dealt at over 10,000 hours at our parties. They not only know how to be fun and interactive all night long, but are also skilled at teaching the
beginners the games, but also keeping up with the action of the more experienced players. Over 25 of our dealers are on the 100+ party dealt list, and quite often they say to me " I can't believe you are paying me to do
this". I just reply..."Best job ever! You are paid to play!", and play they do.

Free "extras" like our professional background music sound system, wireless microphone set-up, top 3 finisher medals (gold, silver, and bronze) awarded just prior to your prize drawing to the
top chip winners in your casino, stools at all your blackjack tables (we are the only Utah company to provided this comfortable seating for your guests), chairs at all your hold'em tables (chair covers added on request),
Spinning Prize Wheel game and Cash Grabber game for fund-raiser parties. We provide these value-added products so provide a more complete professional casino party experience and help make your event more
of a success.

Professional Event Coordination-We work as the preferred casino party provider with many venues around the valley. We work together with your chosen venue to provide a seamless event. Our management staff
has personally coordinated over 1000 parties, and with this experience comes your assurance of a top quality casino night for all attendees.

Fun Casino Nights with a twist-Ask about our special themed parties like; the Red( U of U) vs. Blue (BYU) party where we divide the tables, decorate them up with team colors, and game on!!! Or how about a  
Walking Dead or Star Wars casino night where the dealers dress up, and we provide ongoing table skits and a group trivia game throughout. Or how about a "you're busted!" party where you get a surprise visit from the
casino police and "bust" certain members of your group and throw them in jail until they pay the bail. While our competitors are still playing cowboys and pirates, we are providing contemporary fun and interactive
entertainment at our parties.

Pricing-Please call us directly at 801-859-1171 for an immediate quote on your party. Due to certain variables, a standard price list is not available. We must know certain criteria such as date, quantity and
variety of tables, location of your party, other factors to provide accurate pricing for our parties. We will be happy to provide verbal quotes and follow up with a formal written proposal for our services. The prices we
quote verbally include everything. We do not add service charges, gratuities, appearance fees, weekend charges, deliver charges, or whatever else or competitors are calling it and adding on this week.
What a Poker Face this dog's got! No "tells" here!
He pulled a straight and won the hand at this homeless
pet fund- raiser casino night.

Corporate event style Casino Parties
Click here to view the FUN!  

We provided over a dozen parties with over 25 tables just
last year. Many of our event game tournaments are FREE
once you get to this party size.
We always include;

    ~Premium casino quality tables with silk style full length table skirting~No drop down type tables
~FUN, professionally attired dealing staff~Our current staff has over 12,000 hours of casino party experience
~Real casino dice, KEM  or COPAQ playing cards, and casino professional gaming accessories
~2 million dollar general liability insurance coverage for all parties we provide~
~Stools and chairs-just like the real casino!~
~Largest capacity tables in the business means more player "spots" per table are available~
~Regulation weight 11.5 gram playing chips at all tables~
~Casino buy-in chips or personalized gaming money for all guests~
~Drink cup holders or drink ledges on all tables~
~Raffle drum or casino style raffle bowls, double roll raffle tickets~
~3 hours of "OPEN" casino play time~
~Includes delivery, set up, operation, tear down of your entire casino~
~No extra charges for setting up the casino party earlier in the day~
~No automatic gratuity or service charges added~
~Game identification and rules sign, and chip value sign on each table~
~Premium contemporary, matching, digitized felts on all tables~
~Wireless microphone system for event announcement and raffle drawing~
~DJ quality sound system used for social hour and background music~
~Event Coordination Services-Insures you of a "seamless" party experience~
~Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our casino party services~
~Our exclusive "You're a winner" dealing style insures a FUN and entertaining experience for your guests~
~Referrals for venues, catering, bar services, and other event services to help you plan your party~

We can also include;
~Event Game Tournaments-This fun and interactive side games give your guests a chance to have some
additional fun. We always provide a tournament director, and scoring and rewards of your game integrates
with the casino party payouts~
~Hold'em or Black Jack tournaments integrated with your casino party or done separately on their own~
~Themed style Casino nights-Walking Dead, Star Wars, or Red vs. Blue~
Utah's largest craps table at
over 12' long, accommodates
14-18 players comfortably,
providing 25-50% more player
area than our competitor's
tables. That's called value and a
fun time for all at this table!
Four sizes of craps tables to
accommodate varying group
sizes and locations. All have
drink ledges, chip trays, and
FUN dealers. 6'-12' tables for
7-18 players are available.
Three Card Poker is just one  
5 specialty games we offer.
Build a great poker hand with
just three cards, and play it
against the dealer. In this fun
game a straight beats a flush!
We ALWAYS include player
stools for our Blackjack tables.
We are the only company that
provides stools for the players at
every blackjack table...just like the
real casinos!
Premium modern felt designs,
dense full length padded table
railing, drink cup holders, and
silk style table skirting are all
standard on every table we
Let It Ride! Another
FUN-filled gaming table we
offer. This game let's players
pull back each of three
individual bets as the dealer
cards are exposed...Or...they
can Let it Ride!
If you don't have FUN at
Paul's table
, we have
determined that you must be
either an alien or a zombie! All
humanoids have tons of  FUN,
and usually win at his table.
Our "Just Dance" is just one of our many EVENT
that we provide as
alternative interactive entertainment for your
Mario Kart racing is another EVENT GAME TOURNAMENT
complete with tournament director, gaming props, decor,
and accessories, all audio visual equipment, and
scoring/payouts that are synergistic with your casino party

We don't do Bingo, or just set out a Wii with a bunch of
games on a TV in a free for all among your guests.

All of our games are chosen for their ability to let anyone
jump right in and play!

And with our tournament director running the show, you
are insured of a fun and successful EVENT GAME
TOURNAMENT at your party.
Verbatim comments from our clients from some recent parties

Hi Randy! The party was a huge hit! Everyone had the best time. Gilbert and (sorry don't know the other fellows name) were great and very
professional and fun. Raffle prizes were a awesome and they even helped teach those that didn't know how to play. We had no children
except my 8 yr old twins, and I thought it was so sweet how they made my daughter feel like she won something and made her feel like she
was one of the players.We will use you again in the future and recommend you to our friends.  Thanks for everything! Jessica

Hi Randy. The party was fantastic! You have an amazing staff. I personally played at Gilbert’s table and he is just awesome. We all had a
great time and will definitely be using you guys again in the future. Also, it was great to have a Spanish speaking dealer. We have a huge
population of Spanish speaking employees. I will be sure to mention that next time.
Angela/Zero Cases Mfg.

We at Phi Delta Theta would like to thank you and the staff for hosting our Dad's Weekend Casino Night. It was a great event and I know
everyone had a great time. We will definitely want to use your services in the future. Thanks again
.....CJ/Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

Hi Randy, It was awesome!!! Awesome!!! Our folks really enjoyed the experience.  They were still talking about it Sunday as they checked out
of the hotel.  Your dealers were great.  Christine was nice to work with and people at her table really enjoyed her.  Bob was so popular with the
blackjack players.  No one would leave his table and if they did, someone was standing behind them ready to take their spot.  They couldn't
even leave for a minute to go to the bar for a drink.  The craps table sometimes was 20 deep and the two dealers were so great to help
people.  Everyone there was whooping and hollering--of course there were cheers all around.  The treasure chests were a nice touch--thanks
for doing that.  It was all great and for sure I'll contact you again.  You were great to work with and casino night was the perfect kickoff to the
weekend event.  The folks from other states were singing our praises. Thank you,
Debbie/OES Utah Chapter

Call 801-859-1171 for prices and availability.
Call 801-859-1171 for immediate pricing and availability for your party.